Representation & Distribution of leading brands

Eminpack S.A. represents leading brands in the food industry world. Trusted names in the businesses of sweets, biscuits, dietary products, pasta, oils, juices, supply our company with their best products in raw materials and finished products for their final export/distribution/marketing in the country of destination.

As an exporter, our company covers every stage from final product pick up at the factory until it reaches the end consumer, we take care of the logistics and necessary bureaucracy so that the entire service runs smoothly. Our specialists begin researching the market and negotiating with the best suppliers in order to obtain the best quality products possible. We pick up the products from the supplier and we take care of transporting the goods to the port of origin where leading shipping companies will be waiting to ship our products. But our service doesn’t end here, because once the product reaches its port of destination, we will take care of transporting it , to our warehouse, through the local shipping operator, guaranteeing optimum conditions and storage of the product during shipping. Finally, we distribute the product to its point of sale, ensuring it is ideally placed, identifying optimum product positioning in the best distributors in the area represented.

Product pick-up at the factory
Transport supplier - port
Shipping port of origin - destination
Product Marketing and Display of product
Promotion at point of sale
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